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What do ASPIS Real Estate Consultants do?

The Real Estate Consultant of ASPIS Real Estate serves one of the basic necessities of life, Housing. Finding and serving customers - property owners and those interested in them is the standard definition of a broker's job. The Real Estate Consultant of ASPIS Real Estate is part of an office and a team that has been operating for years. The large and up-to-date existing portfolio of real estate and clients, effective administrative support, continuous promotion of real estate as well as training and joining a team of experienced colleagues will help you find your way quickly. ASPIS offices have the means, know-how and serve their customers with efficiency, honesty and professionalism for years. You will need to put your talent and appetite for hard work.

Why with ASPIS Real Estate?

ASPIS Real Estate is the biggest name in the real estate market. In ASPIS you will find the best platform for the registration and processing of data for your real estate and customers together with an operating system that does not distinguish the oldest from the newest, the most friends from the least friends, the most close ... we will treat you on the same terms as your other colleagues in the store according to our rules and procedures. You, respectively, should intensify in the team of the store and follow the system and the ethics of ASPIS Real Estate.

We invest in you and can help you achieve your goals and take your career to the next level.
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What do customers want from their real estate consultant?

In order to succeed in the field of real estate and to be able to maintain this success, you need to know what your client needs each time. The training, regulations, instructions, experience of your colleagues in the team that you will join in one of the ASPIS Real Estate stores will help you develop your skills and expand your knowledge quickly.

Come to ASPIS Real Estate today and become a Real Estate Consultant in one of our stores in Attica!

A strong knowledge and data base

Real estate clients want the real estate consultant they choose to be experienced. The most successful real estate consultant will be the one whose name is synonymous with the right tips for neighborhood real estate, their prices and the trends that prevail in the local market. He expects you to have the answers to all the questions directly and indirectly related to a real estate market - from where they are and how good the schools in the area are to find the food he wants, what is a good gym, how many weather exclusions conditions took place in the neighborhood last year. Regardless of the question, you need to have the answer or know where to find it. When you are the person with the most knowledge in the real estate market that you are active in, you will be the one that the clients are looking for and stay with you to meet their real estate needs.

In this endeavor you needed a strong ally. At ASPIS Real Estate each office is exclusive to a specific area and its internal structure is such that it separates real estate groups and sub-areas. Thus, by joining the office, you will specialize faster, using tried and tested recipes, trained by specialists and having at your disposal the largest portfolio, real and active in the market for real estate, in Athens.

The decision is yours

Become a Real Estate Consultant now in an ASPIS Real Estate office in Athens!

The powerful ASPIS Real Estate Brand

It is important to remember that buying (or selling) a home can be one of the most important moments in a person's life. For a real estate consultant buying and selling a home is a daily process but this is not the case for most of the prospective clients in the market.

In this difficult decision for the client, the credibility of the broker he mediates plays an important role in his final decision. The client not only chooses a property but also chooses the professional who wants to represent him. A foreign customer told us a few years ago excited ASPIS REAL ... PRICES!!!

When you operate under the organization and name of ASPIS Real Estate customers will trust you more easily because they have trusted ASPIS Real Estate for almost twenty years. The reputation of honesty and integrity will only bring you success and for this reason you, as a member of ASPIS, should serve it faithfully (reputation) as well as the internal operating regulations and the code of ethics of the Company.

This is the value of ASPIS Real Estate and we invite you to share it with us!

Become a Real Estate Consultant now in an Aspis Real Estate store in Athens!

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