About Us

ASPIS Real Estate  Establishment - Course

ASPIS Real Estate was founded in 2003 and today is a dynamic network of real estate agents representing the Company's Franchise system in a predetermined area of ​​exclusive activity.

ASPIS Real Estate  Object of Activity

The search for the right property that suits our customer's needs and the complete support of the process until the completion of the transaction are the basic services offered by the ASPIS Real Estate offices.

ASPIS Real Estate  The Real Estate Market

The real estate market is changing. The Golden Visa program, the growth of AirBnB, the return of the Greek economy to growth, the health crisis of Covid 19, the zero returns on deposits are constantly changing the environment in which we operate.

ASPIS Real Estate  Flexibility

Changes in the market make investing in a property an increasingly specialized process. The continuous contact with the real estate market for 18 years and the immediate adaptation of the Company to the changing conditions are some of the key factors of the success of ASPIS Real Estate.

ASPIS Real Estate  Market Position

ASPIS Real Estate has the greatest recognition and the best reputation in the domestic market of real estate services as well as a dominant presence in the market of the Attica Basin.

ASPIS Real Estate  Target

The immediate primary goal of ASPIS Real Estate is the full coverage of the entire Greek Territory with service offices in the real estate market.

ASPIS Real Estate  Values

The company operates with a strict commitment to the values ​​of honesty, integrity and we are always looking for people who have the same principles and values ​​to join our family.

ASPIS Real Estate  The Way We Work

The product mix of ASPIS Real Estate enriched by different experiences, almost twenty years, as well as the internal regulations, the code of ethics and in general the specifications that we set in our activity have distinguished the company in the Greek real estate sector.

ASPIS Real Estate  Leading Team

The trained and determined leading team of ASPIS Real Estate, leads us to the future with confidence. The dynamic energy and the team and innovative spirit of the Company's management, evolve our actions and development on a daily basis.

ASPIS Real Estate  The Customer Today

Customers in the real estate market today have, from the professional who will serve them, high expectations for the knowledge, skills, the way of communication and the scope and quality of the services provided.

ASPIS Real Estate  Our People

Their continuous training, their integration into working groups and their specialization by property category and area of ​​activity make today the Real Estate Consultants of ASPIS Real Estate, leading professionals in the market.

ASPIS Real Estate  Technology

ASPIS Real Estate has entrusted its technological support to the software programs of the leading company in the field of Real Estate technologies, Fortunet Hellas. The Real Estate program, producerCRM and the tools of the e-agents technology that it provides us, manage the data of the clients, the properties and the total activity of the Real Estate Offices while the provider company offers to its users continuous training and unique support and service.

ASPIS Real Estate  Annual Conference

The top event of ASPIS Real Estate is our annual conference in which all the executives, managers, employees and Real Estate Consultants of the offices and the Company participate.

ASPIS Real Estate  Main Shareholder

The main shareholder of Real Estate Franchise SA, which manages the name, trademarks and franchise system of ASPIS Real Estate, is since 2010 the company Primus Real Estate SA, which has a share capital of 510,000 euros and manages a privately owned real estate portfolio of current value 2,3 million euros.

ASPIS Real Estate  Financial Data

The company during the last two years (2019-2020) due to the development of its services records continuous profitability, increase of capital and reduction of its liabilities.